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Why use Bunk Beds & More?

BunkBedsAndMore.com have selected a range of high quality cheap bunk beds with passion and care to excite and exhilarate younger customers who value bunk beds for their practical, aesthetic and endearing qualities.They represent excellent space-saving bedding and some can accommodate up to 3 sleepers. Their functionality is universally recognised and new creative designs in bunk beds endow them with a striking and attractive appearance that makes them extremely popular with children and teenagers. The consumer can buy cheap bunk beds without compromising quality thanks to the huge demand for and volume production of bunk beds in general. Illustrious manufacturing brands, with a UK base, are producing excellent quality bunkbeds to serve the home and export market.Their incredible ranges of exciting Innovative designs are driving bunkbed sales at home and abroad. Their appealing appearance and durable construction quality promises many years of happy contented sleep to all who purchase cheap bunk beds.They not only promise quality sleep but also hours of fun for their occupants. By their very nature they offer a sense of adventure and personal independence that are so important in helping to mould children's personality and character.

Are bunk beds on a child's wish list?

From a purely practical point of view cheap bunk beds tick all the boxes on a child's wish list. They provide comfortable and affordable bedding with a wow factor in terms of their iconic image among children and teenagers. They generally signify individual sleeping units for their occupants and this is accomplished by also acting as space savers. By leaving a smaller footprint than two single beds conventional bunkbeds leave more floor space for items of bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe and chest of drawers. Conversely, if required in the future, the bunkbeds can be converted into two single beds, space permitting. Cheap bunkbeds are conducive to inviting a friend to stay over and will always receive peer group approval, especially from those who do not have bunk beds themselves. There is a great novelty value in sleeping over in someone else's bunkbed and it always suggests fun and games – perhaps watching videos or playing video games or simply watching TV.

The gregarious characteristic of bunk beds means that there are at least always two people interacting socially and this helps children's social development. Children can grow with their cheap bunk beds, which should last for quite a few years, and in the process mature accordingly thanks to a sense of personal independence within a larger social group.Cheap bunk beds provide children and teenagers with a choice of sleeping accommodation.There is the traditional Bunkbed with a vertical ladder attached to the bunk bed itself, which is probably suited more to the slightly older child, then there is the cabin bunk style with a built-in wardrobe and workstation below. This is designed for one child in a small bedroom, whilst in a larger bedroom two or more children could be accommodated in their own cabin bunks.Cabin bunk beds can be a luxury form of bedding for children in houses with lots of sleeping space as their iconic image represents sleeping and living accommodation combined to provide a sense of funky fun and an exciting sleeping experience.

Which kids bunk beds to choose? 

We at BunkBedsAndMore.com find Cabin beds to be an ideal starter bunkbed as they are less challenging than the traditional bunkbed or high sleeper yet provide that sense of adventure associated with bunk beds. They have a certain affinity with a space module such as Dr Who's tardis whose massive interior space belies its outward tiny appearance.With the availability of themed cabin bunk bed side panels children can live the illusion of being on a boat, plane or spaceship,travelling where their fantasies may take them.Cheap cabin bunk beds represent very good value for money and your child's dreams can become a reality when you purchase their metaphorical dream machine in which they can drift off to sleep on a nightly basis. Cabin bunk beds are every child's dream bedding incorporating all their requirements within one single bed – sleeping on a top tier with storage and workspace below. For the older child or young teenager high sleepers are a signature form of cheap bunk beds. They have the height and the challenging ladder to enthuse the more adventurous person and they have the empty space below for kitting out to specification. Space permitting in the bedroom, an angled rather than a perpindicular ladder can be used but this is also a matter of choice and personal preference. High sleepers or loft bunks are phenomenal bunk beds and have enough space below to accommodate a wardrobe, chest and pullout workstation.They rate very highly among teenagers as popular cheap bunk beds as they offer lots of storage space yet leave a relatively small footprint. They come in wood and metal finish and have an elevated, innovative, chic appearance that strikes a chord with many young people both from a fashion and practical point of view. BunkBedsAndMore.com can supply a range of these avant-garde style bunk beds under the aegis of cheap bunk beds without compromising quality or design and appearance. These self-contained sleeping units will please anyone who purchases them and they promise not to disappoint on any level.

Most Popular kids bunk beds

Though the most popular cheap bunk beds have historically been pine there is an increasing interest in and demand for white bunk beds.White is the trendy colour in all types of bunkbeds and this trend crosses all age and gender considerations.Matching furniture including wardrobes, desks, chests and bed side units are all available in white and the storage space beneath the bunk bed can be utilised to accommodate various pieces of furniture of choice. Another interesting item of furniture for underneath is a futon which acts as a sofa by day and a pullout guest bed by night which enables friends to have stay overs. You too can benefit from cheap bunk beds by finding your choice of bunk bed online.Subject to availability you can have your cheap bunk bed delivered to your home address within an agreed timeframe. Utilise this convenient service and order your bunk bed today!

Children's Bunks

The phrase “children's bunk beds” defines the clear relationship between children and bunk beds. One is almost synonymous with the other and highlights the fact that children love bunk beds. There are certain bunk bed features and characteristics that make them number one choice sleeping accommodation for the majority of children. The age group of children in this scenario ranges from 5 or 6-year-old to the late teens and many spend the greatest part of their childhood and teenage years sleeping by choice in a bunk bed. Children's bunk beds are popular due to an association with children's aspirations and dreams. They are primarily symbolic of the child's first opportunity to experience a sense of independence within a family group. Experiencing the freedom of your own bed as a child is a feeling that creates and instils a sense of independence within the authoritative institution of the family and acts as one of the first building blocks in encouraging and promoting personal development and maturity. Thankfully we at BedsAndMore.com can breathe life into children's dreams by providing an array of children's bunk beds that boast sufficient variety to please the most discerning of young consumers. Children's bunk beds are a catalyst for promoting happy family relationships and their practicality as well as their attractive appearance make them the most appealing of bedding for young people. They double as a sleep and play area and represent a challenge to most children. Climbing the vertical ladder to the top bunk evokes memories of children's normal outdoor play when they are climbing trees, walls and fences. There is a sense of adventure and danger that permeates every aspect of children's play outside and climbing to their top bunk acts as an energy release valve in their bedroom. Children's bunk beds by construction are a social structure enabling and encouraging social interaction between the occupants of the top and lower bunks. Sleeping is only part of the activities that take place in bunk beds. Many children do their homework on their beds or if they are lucky enough to have a bunk bed to themselves can study at the desk in the workstation below. This is a common feature of cabin bunk beds where the space below is dedicated to bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe, chest and workstation and they are ideally suited to children. Junior cabin bunk beds are designed for younger children as they are not as high or as long as a standard cabin bunk bed. As an integrated sleep work unit they fit perfectly by also providing storage space for clothes and footwear. Children can also use the pod beneath for fun activities such as video games, viewing TV and surfing the net. Children's bunk beds are available in both wood and metal and again the choice is a very personal issue. Pine bunk beds have been very popular with all ages of children and continue to dominate a large percentage of the bunk beds market. Newly designed pine bunk beds, come with innovative coloured panels and trim to provide a cooler look that is more appealing to the young. There is also a choice of other woods such as walnut,beech and oak. There is however quite a demand for metal frame bunk beds and with new innovative designs and a choice of colours metal bunk beds are becoming a bit of an icon with the new generation of young people. The increasing demand for children's bunk beds in general, affirms their growing popularity as preferred sleeping accommodation. Manufacturers of children's bunk beds are becoming more creative with their design and construction in an effort to make them more appealing to all children. There is continuing research and development in these areas in the expectation of an ever growing market for children's bunk beds and we at BedsAndMore.com endorse this dynamic by supplying the widest possible choice of the latest designs in both wood and metal children's bunk beds. A triple sleeper is now available both in wood and metal and this facilitates sleeping arrangements for three family siblings. The assymetric shape of the metal triple slippers sets it apart from other bunkbeds. The 3 foot upper part of the bed is recessed over the lower four foot bed and this gives an appearance of more open space. The swimming pool ladder with flat wooden treads provides safe access to the top bunk and adds a stylish look. The latest addition to bunk bed design is the Z bunk which provides a Z shaped frame made of sturdy steel and painted in silver. It provides copious work space underneath with an integrated work shelf and hide away keyboard drawer for a growing child or teenager. It has all the hallmarks of a prop from a Star Wars film and is proving a big hit with children of all ages. The whole children's bunk beds collection offers the finest bunk beds available ranging from traditional functional types to ultra modern designs that incorporate practicality combined with stylish appearance. Our goal is to give you the consumer choice and value for money. Our sales platform has been designed with this aim in mind and our objective is to ensure that each and every customer makes a satisfactory purchase online. We at BedsAndMore.com want you to have a pleasant and productive experience in choosing children's bunk beds from our extensive online selection. We have a dedicated customer service team eager to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and prepared to go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. Delivery of your bunk bed will be arranged within a set time frame and if required an installation service, can also be arranged. Considering that we all spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping it behoves parents to choose the most appropriate and comfortable bed for their children or at least inform their choices through engaging discussion. BedsAndMore.com can provide the product for that discussion and ensure that your child acquires a kids bed and kids mattress of distinction that is top quality, looks sensational and ticks all the boxes on your child's wish list.  View our kids bedroom sets for great offers.

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